Early Learning & Basic Education

State Department for Early Learning & Basic Education


  • Basic Education (Early Childhood, Primary and Secondary) Education Policy management
  • Primary and secondary education institutions management
  • School administration and Programmes
  • Registration of Basic Education and Training institutions
  • Administration of Early Childhood and Pre-Primary Education, Standards and Norms
  • Management of Education Standards
  • Management of National examinations and Certification
  • Curriculum Development
  • Quality Assurance in Education
  • Representation of Kenya in UNESCO
  • Adult education Management

The Mandate

  • Education Policy Management;
  • Management of Continuing Education;
  • Administration of Early Childhood Education;
  • Standards and Norms;
  • Management of Education Standards;
  • Management of National Examinations and Certification;
  • Curriculum Development;
  • Quality Assurance in Education;
  • Primary and Secondary Education Institutions Management;
  • Teacher Education and Management;
  • School Administration and Programmes;
  • Registration of Basic Education and Training Institutions;
  • Special Needs Education Management; Representation of Kenya in UNESCO;
  • Adult Education Management; Tertiary Institutions and State Corporations
  • University Education;
  • Commission for Higher Education (CHE);
  • Higher Education Loans Board (HELB);
  • To promote and integrate Information and Communication Technology (ICT) at all levels of education and training.
Ministry of Education
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