Adult and Continuing Education

Directorate of Adult and Continuing Education

The Directorate is responsible for coordination and management of programmes and activities in the adult education. Specifically, the Directorate functions are to;

  • Formulate and implement ACE Policies
  • Promote multiple literacy through alternative provision of basic adult education programmes
  • Provide Education through alternative education approaches
  • Promote general Adult Education programmes
  • Provision of Basic literacy to out of school children
  • Coordination of the implementation of Nomadic Education and Alternative Basic Education and Training in Kenya
  • Provision of Alternative Education to Marginalized, hard-to-reach and vulnerable groups
  • Development of guidelines on competencies in Alternative Basic Education programmes
  • Manage ACE Assessment and Examinations
  • Governance and Management of Alternative Basic Education Centres
  • Development of ACE programmes
  • Enhance community empowerment programmes through partnerships and collaboration with all stakeholders
  • Development of ACE Instructional Materials
  • ACE Teacher Management
  • Management of strategic partnerships and linkages
  • Enhance Governance and Management of MDTIs
  • Advice the Minister on matters relating to teachers for Alternative Basic Adult & Continuing Education.
Ministry of Education
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