Implementation of Curriculum Reforms

State Department for Implementation of Curriculum Reforms

The State Department for Implementation of Curriculum Reforms was established on 9th February 2021, under the Ministry of Education. It is mandated to provide overall policy of curriculum reforms and the implementation of Competency Based Curriculum in the Education.

Core Functions of the State Department:

  1. Overall policy on curriculum reforms;
  2. Policy on competency based curriculum assessment in the Education (Primary, Secondary, TVETS, TTCs, Universities)
  3. Oversee and coordinate the harmonious implementation of competency based curriculum reforms;
  4. Create frameworks for supporting the implementation of competency based curriculum;
  5. Provide guidance and support to Education service providers in migrating to competency based curriculum;
  6. Collaborate with Public and Private stakeholders to build capacity for the implementing of curriculum reforms;
  7. Collaborate with Public, Private, NGOs, Faith Based and other stakeholders to set modalities for mobilizing resources for implementing of curriculum reforms at Basic, Technical, Tertiary and High Levels of Learning;
  8. Jointly with Higher Institutions of learning and stakeholders, prepare and roll out a plan for rationalizing and migrating University Education towards competency based curriculum aspirations;
  9. Set, review and adopt value based standards and quality, including best practices for the implementation of competency based curriculum reforms to sustain its relevance, promote holistic educational development of learners and equity;
  10. Collaborate with County Governments to mainstream competency based curriculum including assessments with Early Childhood Development Education, Vocational Training and manage transition to the new system;
  11. Monitor and evaluate the competency based curriculum reforms and make appropriate recommendations;
  12. Promote mainstreaming and application of ICT in learning and training in the Education system.
Ministry of Education
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