Quality Assurance and Standards

Directorate of Quality Assurance and Standards

It is responsible for; Establishing, maintaining and improving standards in all basic and training institutions; Quality Assurance and Standards assessment of basic educational and training institutions; Co-ordination, organization and implementation of co-curriculum activities at national and international levels; Vetting of expatriate teachers and institutions offering international curriculum; Liaison with KNEC on assessment of pre-service primary, ECDE and diploma teacher education examination teaching practice; policy formulation and implementation on matters related to Quality Assurance; Developing of assessment standards; Liaison with KNEC in moderation, awards and National Assessment and Learning Achievement (NASMLA) and examinations; liaison with Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD) on curriculum, design, development and evaluation of the national curriculum; Talent identification and development in schools and colleges; Advising the Minister and Permanent Secretary on all matters of Quality Assurance and Standards in the country.

Ministry of Education
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