Kenya Primary Education Development Project

Kenya Primary Education Development Project

The Global Partnership for Education (GPE) has approved a grant of USD 88.4 million to the Ministry of Education Science and Technology for the Kenya Primary Education Development project. The project covers the following four components:

Component 1: Improving early grade mathematics competencies

Component II: Strengthening Primary school management systems

Component III: Evidence based policy development

Component IV: Project management.

The project is expected to run from year 2015 – 2018. The World Bank is the Supervising Entity.

Project Beneficiaries

The project beneficiaries include:

  • 6 million pupils in grade 1 and 2 will benefit from improved early grade mathematics Textbooks
  • 40,000 teachers will benefit from new methodologies of early grade mathematics instruction through improved in-service training and regular pedagogical supervision and support
  • 3 million pupils in participating schools will benefit from more effective and present teachers as well as improved teaching-learning inputs
  • Head teachers and BoMs will receive guidance and support in school improvement planning and be empowered to implement plans to improve their school performance
  • Parents and Communities whose aspirations will be met through greater information and enhanced voice in school management for improving quality of education
  • Education system administrators will benefit from improved information and accountability through up to date Education Management Information System (EMIS) data and school audit
Ministry of Education
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